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The turnover in the bathroom branch has been under pressure for years and at the moment there is no prospect of recovery. In 2014 there was a 12% drop in the bathroom market. Furthermore, the market share of tradition bathroom specialists is being infringed upon by out-of-branch and online competition. To create preference in the minds of customers, Baderie will have to offer added value compared to other suppliers. We helped Baderie with finding and enriching their added value and translated this to a retail concept tailor-made for the target group. This led to an significant improvement in efficiency on franchise level, a growth in turnover in a shrinking market, and more traffic to the showrooms and baderie.nl

Baderie sells trust, not just a product

With Baderie the separate products that form a bathroom are not central, but instead the focus is on the purchase process for the complete installed end product: the added value of Baderie. The most important ‘product’ Baderie sells their clients is trust in a process where Baderie helps customers create a unique design and the realisation of a tailor-made bathroom which is made to the personal preferences and living situation of customers.


Consumers are asking more and more for a tailor-made service and product. For consumer-related services this means that consumers more often will only purchase services when they need it.

For the product this means that the bathroom of the customer will never be shown as such in the showroom. The customer configures their own unique bathroom. That is why the showroom no longer should show as many bathrooms as possible, but instead a combination of inspiration, material experience, and insight into technological possibilities which will be the basis which will help the customer create their own perfect bathroom.

Added value strategy

With market supplanting, online and out-of-branch competition is increasing, which has impacted the middle segment most and has left them struggling. It is therefore important to make a clear choice for either a low price strategy or an added value strategy. Together with Baderie we chose an added value strategy to create brand preference with the consumer and to secure the efficiency of franchisers.

Target group choice

To add more focus to the formula, Crossmarks helped with making a sharp target group choice. Desk research and qualitative research, such as interviews with the target group, provide valuable insights to clearly define the target group. The Baderie formula and marketing communication is further sharpened from the needs of the formulated target group.

The Baderie comfort

From the customer insights, key competences, and the differentiating potential of Baderie compared to the competition, it has been decided together to position Baderie as the bathroom specialist with the most comfortable purchase process. This not only leads to a bathroom that looks good on the outside, but is also practical in the inside. To live up to this, the brand is centered around ensuring a comfortable experience for the customer during orientation, visiting the shop, purchasing, waiting, and the installation.

Four brand values have been defined that are central during the entire process.

Brand meaning

In order to actually offer the customer a very comfortable experience, all customer touch points within the customer journey have been listed, enriched, and optimalised based on the brand positioning. In several brainstorm sessions we discussed how ‘The Baderie comfort’ can be carried out even better in all customer touch points, to offer the customer a unique and consistent brand experience. For instance, a logging journal has been developed where contractors log their work during the installment, every day, making it insightful for the customer. In addition, the journal allows the customer to ask questions to the contractors and vice versa. This way customer and contractor can easily fine-tune matters with each other, without the customer needing to stay at home. This is obviously very comfortable for the customer.

The Bathroom Handbook of Baderie helps customers make essential choices with regard to layout, functionality, and the best suited products. Using carefully thought out resource commitment, Baderie will answer customers’ questions even before they are asked.

5 step plan

Together with Baderie the strategy has been translated to a new formula concept. To emphasise the process within the formula, five steps have been introduced:

Inspiring – Choosing – Designing– Installing – Enjoying

All these steps contain unique services and means that make the process comfortable and clear for the customer.

New retail experience

Within the store concept the emphasis is on the first three steps of the formula: inspiring, choosing, and designing. Everything that is presented in the store is used to inspire and inform, the new bathroom is created together with the customer. By using less set-ups, an inspiring mix of styles, technological possibilities, and materials is shown. To illustrate, in the pilot store in Woerden there are now 9 set-ups instead of 20.

The customer enters the store through the reception square. Here customers will be informed about the formula and origins of Baderie and will be inspired by a new product range. The design studio is the central spot of the store, where the customer, together with a Baderie adviser can configure and design their bathroom. Previously the designing didn’t take place in full view but was shielded from other customers. By giving the design process a central place, Baderie gives one of their most important services centre stage.

Given the fact that all showrooms differ in size, the choice has been made for a modular system and in-store communication. The furniture consists of separate blocks that can be built up per showroom.

The boutique concept

Now the focus is no longer on separate bathroom products, but the centralisation of the purchase process, Baderie showrooms need less bathroom set-ups. With this concept, and because Baderie is as a frontrunner when it comes to city centre stores, Baderie and Crossmarks developed the Baderie Boutique. The boutique concept is exceptionally suitable for city locations with less than 80m2, it has even less set-ups and in relation gives even more attention to designing the bathroom.

In-store communication strategy

To supply the store visitor with the right information and stimuli at the right time, an in-store communication strategy has been developed. The starting point of the in-store communication strategy is to constantly be one step ahead of the customer with the questions they might have during the process. Baderie takes you by the hand during the entire process and that gives a comfortable feeling.

In-store communication has different levels. In total there are five communication layers that can be distinguished in store. These layers open a dialogue with the customer and carry out the desired message, namely: inform, inspire, branding, direct, and activate. For each level propositions have been determined that Baderie wants to communicate to carry out their formula. We then decided what the position of each proposition should be in the store, and which means of communications should be used. Subtle differences have been applied to the design of the in-store communication in the different communication levels, so that consumers intuitively feel the different communication messages and are easily guided through the store.

Product range

One of the insights was the Baderie target group has a preference for bathroom products that look good and are of good quality, these don’t have to be leading brands. We saw a growth opportunity for Baderie in developing a private label. That is why a Baderie private label has been introduced. Crossmarks developed the design for the private label.

Baderie All-in

Baderie All-in has been introduced besides the private label. Baderie All-in is all about a sharp and clear all-in price. The assortment consists of three all-inclusive bathrooms of €9,995, €12,995 and €14,995, products, installation, and Baderie comfort services included. We made the decision to market the All-in concept as a brand extension, because an extension makes it clear that Baderie will stay the same, but that a new part is added outside the existing formula. For instance, this means that Baderie All-in is not included in the Bathroom Handbook, but gets a separate brochure and feels like a shop-in-shop in the showroom. It’s even possible that a separate Baderie All-in shop will be developed in future. In name and form there will be an expressive, unmissable relation between Baderie and Baderie All-in.


The website and web shop design have been adapted to match the new communication style. Furthermore, a fixed plan has been defined for the EDM and the topics of EDM have been defined. We chose a mix of inspiring, informing, and activating. To emphasize the difference from Baderie, each EDM highlights a step from the process.

Experience the Baderie comfort

We first renewed Baderie’s communication style to a contemporary, consistent tone of voice & design for the formula. In addition, different means of communication have been developed based on customer insights, to carry out the new positioning ‘The Baderie comfort’ towards the target group.

Using a number of image campaigns, we revealed the new positioning. Where most of the competitors choose to put low pricing and product offers centrally in their campaigns, we decided to put the process central for Baderie. Crossmarks, together with Baderie decided to put the focus on to the resource commitment. From a scattered use of means with low visibility, to TV commercials on national channels with a large range of the target group.

The Bathroom Handbook is a complete reference book, filled with inspiration for the layout, functionalities, and the matching products for your new bathroom. Choices for a bathroom can be quickly made from an aesthetic point of view, but Baderie strives to create bathrooms that not only look amazing, but are also practical in use. That is why Baderie explains the pros and cons and possibilities of layouts and products for their customers in the Bathroom Handbook.

Additionally, we developed an inspiration leaflet that customers will receive when they request information online. This leaflet inspires with creative tips and ideas and inspires the customer to visit the showroom.

With Baderie, the possibilities for a new bathroom are endless. Baderie helps the customer with the composition and realisation of their ideal bathroom by going through 5 steps together (Inspiring, Choosing, Designing, Enjoying) and ensures the most comfortable purchase process.

Baderie inspires multiple times per year with a TV commercial and a newspaper on bathroom trends. The steps ‘Inspiring’ and ‘Choosing’ are central here.
Additionally, the latest edition of the Baderie Trend newspaper will be available in the showroom where a number of bathroom trends are highlighted.

Crossmarks, together with Baderie developed a unique concept: Baderie All-in As clear as it gets! With Baderie All-in you will know exactly how much your bathroom costs beforehand... One price for your new bathroom, including all products and installation. Crossmarks was responsible for the communication concept of Baderie All-in, including naming and logo. In addition to the TV commercial, Crossmarks also developed the in-store material (for instance price tags, ceiling hangers and flyers). The Baderie All-in commercial can be seen on TV now and can be viewed here.

To give the customer the feeling that the process is completely under control from day 1, we have developed the brand attribute ‘The Comfort folder’. Each phase the customer goes through is covered in this folder. From inspiring up to enjoying the new bathroom. The folder contains useful information and tips. Furthermore, all correspondence about the bathroom, including samples, can be kept in the folder. In addition to this folder we have developed a logging journal that contractors can fill in and leave behind during the installation of a bathroom or toilet. The logging journal allows customers and contractors to communicate questions and progress, even when the customer isn’t at home during the day.

The new Baderie commercial has been broadcast on the STER since November 2015. The steps ‘Inspiring’ and ‘Choosing’ are central here. The possibilities at Baderie are endless and Baderie is eager to advise customers about trends and possibilities for a bathroom. The use of this inspiring commercial creates a substantial increase in traffic.

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