An innovative casino concept for Fair Play


Fair Play Casino
Our client since 2011

Fair play wants to offer their players a unique casino experience that is differentiating with regard to the competition and the online gambling sites. With the promise ‘change the game’, Crossmarks developed a completely new casino concept, suiting the wishes and needs of serious players. In a nightlife environment the player experiences different zones, varying from a high roller area to a comfort zone with a beautiful bar. The retail design has been developed in collaboration with & Prast & Hooft. To appeal to the primarily male target group, bold materials have been used, resulting in a robust gambling environment. The retail communication has been realised in collaboration with Henk Schiffmacher. The use of illustrations is a good fit for the target group and is perfect for a raw, unconventional, and differentiating tone of voice. In 2017, The Fair Play Rotterdam location on the Coolsingel was even named best casino in the Netherlands by Onetime, defeating the Holland Casino Rotterdam.

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