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The typically Dutch family business Wibra has become an integral part of Dutch streets. To remain future-proof and to determine a clear dot on the horizon, Wibra started working together with Crossmarks.  We investigated how the Wibra formula can differentiate its positioning and how the different target groups can be surprised, without making concessions to the Wibra-DNA.

Since 1956, Wibra has had a wide product range and is able to supply all of the Netherlands and Belgium with nice and affordable products. In their younger years, Wibra already knew how to surprise Dutch shoppers, with the leaflet and self-service shops, a progressive phenomenon back then.

Based on both an internal organisational analysis as well as external market research, we looked at how the formula should further develop to a suitable market and brand positioning in a discount field that is becoming increasingly stronger. We looked at the market and the changing consumer needs of Wibra buyers and non-Wibra buyers.

Discounters have done a lot of hard work and have gained in popularity in the last years. In the Netherlands alone, the discount sector has grown 78% in the last five years. With many new players, both national as well as international, the discount field is transforming. Discount is ‘hot’ and widely accepted. More and more discounters know to not only surprise when it comes to price, but also when it comes to value big improvements are being made. This means there are loads of chances retailers can anticipate. But is also means that these discounters will have to work on their differentiating potential, this includes Wibra.

Are you curious how you can claim a clear position in the middle of a strong competition field?

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