Formula concept Reclaimed Jewels breaks with conventions


Reclaimed Jewels

Reclaimed Jewels breaks with jewellery branch conventions. There are no air locks or closed doors, but an open store front that welcomes shoppers and invites them to discover the unique product range. The approachable and attractive store front will catch the eye of shoppers and draw them in. The store itself has no visible display cases or counters; instead the jewellery gets the attention and space it deserves. Jewellery aficionados are able to touch and feel the collection without inhibitions and can see the price without a salesperson. Reclaimed wants to make exceptional jewellery available for everyone. Affordable jewellery that is made of actual silver or gold and has a unique story. Another unique feature: you can trade jewellery, get it valued, sold, pawned, or have it repaired. This is how Reclaimed Jewels works out its promise: The story continues… Crossmarks worked together with Reclaimed Jewels on the development of the name, visual identity, definition of formula concept up to the starting points for the retail design, packaging and in-store communication.

Curious how your retail formula can break with conventions?

Monique van Hoek


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