We help you to become responsive, so that even in the ever-changing landscape, you will always be able to give your customer a relevant answer.

Crossmarks is a strategic retail advice agency. We believe that retailers who are able to continuously adapt to the wishes of the customer are tomorrow’s winners. These retailers are constantly on trend, despite continuous changes around them. They know how to make the connection between the strength of their retail brand and the wishes of the modern-day customer. That’s what we call Responsive Retailing. Becoming Responsive is central in the partnerships we enter with retailers. How can you translate changing wishes and circumstances to a healthy retail business model? Where brand, people, and market are and remain successfully connected. Concrete questions that Crossmarks helps their clients find the answers to are about vision formulation, positioning, formula development, growth scenarios, retail design, concept development, brand development, marketing, and communication.

  • Retail and brand specialist since 1996
  • Core staff of 15-20 employees
  • Flexible deployment of retail professionals and retail partners
  • Customer satisfaction score 8.7 (Bureau Klanttevredenheidsonderzoek Fonk, 2014). Crossmarks scores exceptionally high on: dealing with briefings (9), functioning as sparring partner (9.1) and pro-activity (9.1)
  • Master of Brand Management Degrees (MBM)
  • Associated with European Institution of Brand Management (EURIB)
  • Associated with Foundation scientific research commercial communications (SWOCC)
  • Associated with HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN)

SAN Nominations

  • 2006 – Shimano SPD campaign
  • 2008 – Volkswagen company cars – Help campaign
  • 2011 – Liliane Fonds – Participation campaign
  • 2013 – Repositioning campaign Jan Linders
  • 2013 – Corporate campaign ‘Dear Retailer’ CROSSMARKS
  • 2015 – Repositioning campaign Baderie

ADCN Nomination

  • 2011 – Liliane Fonds – Participation campaign

Best leaflet of the Netherlands

  • 2014 – Jan Linders

We help retailers and brands to become and stay responsive so they are constantly on trend

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Part of a network organisation with other professionals

We enrich our core team with a flexible network of retail professionals and partners, with whom we have worked together successfully for a long time. This way you are sure that the right specialists work on your challenges at the right moment. We will always safeguard quality and have final control, making sure the desired end results are always guaranteed for your customers.

  • Ruud Tuithof – Merkmij
  • Ruud Heijenga – Brandfriend
  • Monolith
  • Maarten Swinkels – ChangeTrek
  • Rik Riezebos – Brand Capital
  • Ricardo van der Graaf
  • William van Esveld Studio
  • Marcel and Merijn – New Normal
  • Yuri van Poppel
  • Sabine van Roon – Pyth
  • Doqtorr
  • Jacques Vos – Hotcopy
  • Bert van de Neut – Taaltotaal
  • Dan Mawdesley – The case 4
  • Microstrategy
  • Retail Trends
  • Micro strategy
  • Cre8ion Lab
  • Build In Amsterdam
  • Zuyd university of applied sciences
  • Kraftwrk – Marc Luijkx