Successful new store concept Auping Villa ArenA


Auping Villa ArenA

Customers are able to make stress-free choices at Villa ArenA and can be inspired and informed in different zones. The Auping experience begins with a welcoming reception at an invitingly long table. The measurements of the customer will be taken in the measurement lab for a personal matrass advice. Afterwards, you can lie down in the testing area to see what you like. Once a matrass has been chosen, customers will continue to the configuration zone where all fabrics, supporting legs and headboards for the dream bed can be found. The configuration screen allows customers to design their own Auping bed. The new store Auping store concept has been developed based on customer and market insights, including the customer journey, combined with the Auping brand pillars, such as sustainability and history. Crossmarks and Auping worked together in a number of sessions to create the strategic starting points for the new store concept and thus creating the briefing for the architects. The first results of this pilot store are positive: a higher conversion rate, a higher average sales amount and a longer duration of stay.

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Lori van Waes


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