Tasteful store design Jumbo City concept


Jumbo City
Our client since 2016

Jumbo opened its first convenience store in the city centre of Groningen, combining the strengths of Jumbo and La Place. This Jumbo City not only sells your daily groceries, but also freshly prepared, homemade meals and products to eat immediately, take away or to prepare at home for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Jumbo combines elements of Jumbo Supermarkets, Jumbo Foodmarkt, and restaurant chain La Place. The starting point of the store design is ‘Urban meets Farmer markets’, which is reflected in the use of material – a lot of light wood and bare steel, which gives the store as a whole a fresh and contemporary feel – and convincing product presentations. The store offers an optimal space for a rich product presentation that can be easily adapted during the day and a beautiful glass partition that allows you to follow the entire baking process. An important difference compared to other supermarket concepts in the city is that you can also buy your daily groceries. Crossmarks, in alliance with MVDG Interieurarchitecten, supported Jumbo with the store design of the Verskeuken en Bakkerij (stalls selling freshly made meals and an in-store bakery).

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