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Toyota Netherlands
Our client since 2011

Crossmarks, commissioned by Louwman & Parqui, the Dutch Toyota importer, has developed a new in-store communication concept that anticipates the wishes of the increasingly better-informed consumer. Information is always available, no matter where you are, which means that consumers already know (quite) a bit about the cars and possibilities before visiting the showroom. This changes the role of the dealer as well as the physical environment. Where beforehand it was mainly about the product knowledge of the dealer and a practical showroom, it is now the added value of brand experience that becomes increasingly important.

There is a exceptional brand story behind Toyota’s motto “Always a better way”. A story that deserves to be told. To share this story, a new retail concept has been developed that is all about storytelling and brand experience. Strong in-store communication tells Toyota’s story in the showroom and lets visitors literally enter the world of Toyota. To ensure that dealers work optimally with the new retail concept and the new brand communication Crossmarks, together with Toyota Netherlands, developed a training programme.

Are you curious how you can lift the in-store communication of your formula to a higher level?

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